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Channel Master CM 3020 UHF Antenna - 100 Mile Range big 2

Channel Master is one of the leading developers of over-the-air broadcast systems in North America. Since 1949, the company has been providing premium quality, reliable, and efficient broadcast solutions. Its extensive network includes innumerable retail stores and over 200 distributors. This is why its innovative products are available throughout the world. With its impressive over-the-air antenna system, Channel Master protects its consumers from frustration and excessive costs. How? Read on to find out the basic features of CM3020.

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Key Features

Design: The CM3020 Antenna has an attractive and lightweight design measuring 152.5 x 95 x 22 inches. With its ability to receive FM, VHF, UHF, and HD signals, this antenna allows you to enjoy uncompressed and crystal clear HDTV signals even if you are miles away from transmitting tower. Having a turning radius of 94.4 inches, the antenna ensures efficient signal reception from almost all directions.

Reception Range: The CM3020 antenna has a signal reception range of 100 miles. If you have an HD television, you can easily receive noise-free HD signals that are being transmitted in your area.

Signal Quality: Since it involves an advanced signal-receiving technology, it can receive almost all signals within nearly 65 miles without encountering any interference issues. In addition to receiving VHF and UHF signals, the CM3020 antenna receives FM radio signals.

Easy Installation: This antenna comes as a preassembled unit that will require you to do little work. Make sure to follow the assembly guidelines provided by the manufacturer, and then you’re good to go. Whether you live in rural, urban, or suburban areas, this HDTV antenna can surely serve your needs. It can aim and receive signals from your own as well as distant cities.

Convenient Usage: The CM3020 antenna is the perfect choice for people who don’t want a large metal piece on their rooftops. You can easily install and hide this practical antenna system in your attic. In case you reside near a transmitting tower or station, consider storing this antenna in your attic or house as it will not have a negative impact on the quality of signal.

Pros and Cons of Channel Master CM 3020 UHF / VHF / FM HDTV Antenna – 100 Mile Range (CM3020)


  • Signal reception range of up to 100 miles
  • Ability to receive FM, VHF, UHF, and HD signals
  • Convenient installation
  • Easy usage
  • Crystal clear reception
  • Includes 50 elements
  • Lightweight design
  • Rotation radius of 94.4 inches


Some people are of the view that signals that are at the edge of the antenna’s pickup range get fuzzy.

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Overall Review and Verdict

The CM3020 antenna delivers a clear HD picture with almost no interruption. However to get the maximum performance from this antenna system, you may have to use a preamplifier with this antenna. With this innovative antenna system, you can enjoy crystal clear and supreme quality HDTV signals from 100 miles away.